Real Results, for Real Men.

The Real Results Program at CrossFit Furnace

The Real results program is for men who are ready to get real results using the most effective training and nutrition methods available.

The Real Results Program

This program is an intensive, twelve week, program designed to give you the best possible introduction to CrossFit and the results it brings.

You’ll train under Head Coach Matt Whittemore and the Furnace Coaching team to develop strength, conditioning, and learn how to utilise easy to follow nutritional guidelines to maximise your performance and results.

Whether you’re a beginner who has never trained before, or are tired of boring training methods that aren’t getting you results, or just want to try a new training regime, The Real Results Program gives you all the tools and guidance that sets you up for success.

We will use individually tailored weightlifting, basic gymnastic skills and conditioning training to ensure that you get real results and achieve real world peak physical condition: stronger, faster and better able to tackle life! Let us guide you with real training and our tailored nutritional guidelines to ensure that you are reaching the milestones expected and you get the results you want.

CrossFit Furnace Real Results program
Tristan’s Real Results Program before and after photo. Tristen Is a current member at Furnace and is happy to help answer questions about the program when you see him training in classes.

The Details of the Real Results Program

  • The first week of training is completely FREE with The Real Results Program¬†
  • 2 Free personal Training sessions to help with technique before you start!¬†
  • Twelve weeks of training, with unlimited access to all classes on the roster.
  • Morning and eveng sessions available to suit busy schedules.
  • Your own Mentor Coach to help keep you motivated to reach your goals and to help you formulate a plan to get the most from your training.
  • Access to our on line Facebook page for Furnace Members to help motivate you
  • Tailored Nutritional Program – Learn the correct methods that lead to real results, and stay on top of them with regular weigh ins, measurements and progress photos which are included FREE with the program.
  • All of the above for ONLY $57.50 per week. Student, Active Military, Emergency Service discounts available.

Only the next 15 applicants are eligible for the free week of training. If you’d like to register or would like more information, Get in touch today using the form below! If you don’t want to wait, you can click on the link to purchase your Real Results Membership now.


    Matt Whittemore, Head Coach at CrossFit Furnace
    Head Coach Matt Whittemore

    Matt Whittemore has over 20 years of experience making people fitter, stronger and helping them achieve their goals. His background includes training the men and women of the Australian Army to achieve real results in real world operational scenarios. For more details on Coach Matt Whittemore’s qualifications and the qualifications of all our Coaching staff, please had over to the COACHES page on our website.¬†


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