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What's Included:

First Week Free

Your first week is completely free!

One on One Consult and Goal Setting Session

Your Mentor Coach will help you get the best start possible on your fitness journey, and give you a clear path to the goals you want.

Personal training session

We take you through a one on one session that introduces you to the foundation movements of CrossFit with your mentor coach, with the emphasis on being taught the right technique.

Unlimited Access to all CrossFit Classes

That’s right, train as often as you like each week, in a class that fits into your schedule.

Baseline Body Composition Check and tracking

We use bio-impedance scanning to measure your baseline bodyfat, muscle, bone mass and total body water, all with an App that you can refer to at your convenience. We track your results throughout the 28 Day Kick-Start.

Nutrition & Accountability

Your mentor coach will help you with an individualised nutrition plan that is tailored to your current body composition, and goals.

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