Have you been wanting to improve as an athlete but don’t have time to spend hours in the Box day in day out? well, we’ve got great news for you! Not everything you do to improve as an athlete needs to happen INSIDE THE BOX!

Here are 5 ways that will definitely help you improve as an athlete without you having to suddenly start living at the Box.

Improve as an athlete = Train constantly

show up and put in the work. This sounds simple but is hard for some. Training every second day for two weeks and then not showing up for a week and a half and then training every day for 4 days and then taking 8 days off will not yield the same results as training regularly every week. If you are unsure of how many times a week you should be training to reach your goals, talk to your coaches and get some feedback.

Improve as an athlete = Get your head space right

 When you are coming to training, do you you get here 10 minutes early to a) catch up on the gossip before class or b) have a chance to see what the previous class is doing, cheer them on to help set your “game face” and start mentally preparing yourself for the challenges of the next hour? Start coming to training regularly and focus on option B. You can still chat after class, but before class concentrate on sorting out in your mind what you will be lifting, how you will be lifting it and what your strategies will be for the WOD.

 Improve as an athlete = Eat well

Go on, we all do it, having a cheat meal is human!  there’s almost no one on the planet with the cast iron willpower to NEVER have a treat. BUT…….. How often are you eating your treats? Who are you with when you generally have your blow out treat/cheat meals? How much do you eat? When do you eat? What do you eat? and Why do you eat that way? You might not think that this has anything to do with your training and your abilities as an athlete but it does! Your nutrition is a vital component to your training. Just because you are training 6 days a week doesn’t mean you can then go and eat 10L of Baskin-Robins ice-cream, 9 Pizza’s and the carton of beer or bottle of beam every week if you want to see good results. The bodies inflammatory response in the gut plays a big part in recovery times. In short, if you eat crap, your gut inflames, this then translates to longer recovery times as the rest of your body deals with the results of an inflamed digestive system. Clean eating results in shorter recovery times. It is also important to know WHAT and HOW much you need to eat to achieve your training goals. If you are unsure, book into a nutrition workshop and get your eating squared away. You’ll be amazed at the changes this brings.

Improve as an athlete = Sleep well

Do you stay up all night and then wander around as a zombie all day? Time to get your body’s sleeping in order! Your body recovers when you are sleeping. So staying up all night staring at computer screens/Ipads/phones is not going to help. When you go to bed, go to bed with the goal of going to sleep. Sounds silly but how many of us go to bed, then lay there playing on our phone or tablet for 15 minutes before we actually try and get to sleep? This practice doesn’t tell your brain to start winding down and relaxing. It stimulates the brain and makes it harder for you to drift off to a good nights sleep. Make a deal with yourself that when you walk into your bedroom, you don’t look at ANY electronic devices. Make your room as dark as possible to help your brain relax and start thinking about going to sleep. Lastly, go to bed! This may seem like another silly comment about getting a good nights sleep BUT, if you are falling asleep on the couch, get up and go to bed so you fall asleep in bed! This way you don’t have to interrupt the sleep by getting up after a few hours and going to bed. Try to get 8 hrs of sleep a night. I know this might seem hard but you should definitely be getting more than 4 hours a night easily! It takes time to adjust your sleeping patterns and we are not saying this is an easy change for everyone. It is well worth the time and effort though.

Improve as an athlete = Recovery requirements

To help your bodies natural recovery process you need to address those nagging injury issues. Go and see the physio, the doctor or who ever it is that can help you fix it! You need to let your coaches know when you have an injury too. There is no point in only telling us a week after the pain started. Do your mobility that the coach keeps going on about and fix issues when they are small. Importantly, don’t try and train through injury. WOD’s can be modified, strength and skills work can be changed. There is no point in struggling through with a minor injury and ending up with a serious injury that will have you out of action for months instead of addressing it when its in its initial stages so you just need to modify WOD’s for a week or two.

All these tips will help you in the gym. None of them are extremely difficult to achieve. You just have to ask yourself…. what do you want more? Results in the box that transfer into every day life? or that bucket of KFC?

See you all back down at the box again soon!

Your Coaches.

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