5 Benefits of using Beyond The Whiteboard (BTWB)

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As CrossFitters, we ultimately focus on performance. Whether its adding weight to a 5 Rep Max Deadlift, or a shorter Fran time, we strive to see improvement.

A well maintained and detailed training log like Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB) can be just as important to your training regime as adequate rest and correct nutrition. As a Web based App it is a very convenient method to keep track of results, check what is programmed, and prepare yourself for training that day.

Here are five major benefits of using Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB) as your training log:


Ever look at what your Coach has programmed and racked your brain trying to remember what your 1 RM is? Have you noticed that your strength numbers just aren’t going up? Keeping track of Strength results are extremely important and will provide you with a guideline for what you should be lifting each class. For example, Murray completes a 5×5 Back Squat and after warm up sets, records the weights lifted in each set. The next time he completes 5×5 Back Squat, BTWB will show him what he lifted last time, and therefore, what weight he should be starting on this week.


Olympic Sprinters have it, Maverick had it, and as a CrossFitter, you have it. Each time we complete a WOD that is “For Time” we note our time on the Whiteboard at the box. You should make note of this time so that when you repeat the WOD, improvement or deterioration to your time can be compared. This is just one of the ways that we measure improvement in CrossFit. BTWB will keep note of your time, and whether or not you completed the WOD Rx or Modified.


Ever turn up to the box and realise when you see the whiteboard that, yes, you should of brought your speed rope? Being prepared for training well in advance is another bonus of BTWB. Thanks to its calendar, it will tell you what is programmed for any given day. It also includes videos of the movements that will be conducted on the day and will even break down percentages of your 1 RM if needed!


Another handy feature when logging results on BTWB is the option to include notes. This could be anything from how you were feeling on the day, and how it may have affected your result. You can also include coaching cues that your coaches went through with you. These details will be available whenever you look back at the results, or when the WOD is programmed again down the track.


BTWB gives you the ability to look at your training and results in incredible detail. It will allow you to keep track of Sleep, Nutrition and Mobility (and thusly how it correlates to your results) but you will also be able to look at your current fitness level, your programming history and your average power output plus check any weaknesses that are showing up (How does your Back Squat compare to your Overhead Squat? How is your Speed work looking compared to your Gymnastics work?). From this analysis you can then make the changes needed to continually improve in CrossFit and work those weaknesses!

We strongly encourage all of our athletes at CrossFit Furnace to use Beyond the Whiteboard for tracking of results. You will notice a difference in your training once you start keeping track of what you are lifting and what your WOD results are. You most probably spend at least 15 to 25 minutes a day on some form of social media each day, 5 minutes entering your details on BTWB should become just as compulsive a habit! Get your Beyond the Whiteboard subscription today. The Coaches will be happy to set one up for you.

If you’re still not sure of all the benefits of using Beyond The Whiteboard, chat to a Coach next time you are at training.

benefits of using beyond the whiteboard

Some of the different features available with Beyond the Whiteboard.

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