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Your 12 Week Challenge will be a success if you follow these simple guidelines.

In all of the years that I have been involved with training and mentoring people, whether it be through CrossFit or a lifetime before in the Australian Army, I have witnessed many examples of success, and likewise, many examples of failure.

The key factor that will be the difference between one or the other for you, in any endeavor you take on? Consistency.

Since we started running our 12 Week Challenge at CrossFit Furnace I have seen the greatest examples of success through consistency. The 12 Week Challenge is designed to give those new to CrossFit the best possible introduction to our training methods, nutritional guidelines and community culture. Why? Because we know it works. We also know that starting out in CrossFit can seem extremely difficult for some, but we love seeing you get the results from 12 weeks of focused training, proper nutrition, mentoring and being accountable for your success.

For those of you in our newest 12 Week Challenge intake to CrossFit Furnace, or those who are about to start in coming weeks, here are the top four steps to stay consistent and achieve success.

1. Know your “Why”, and consistently focus on it:

This is the most important factor in goal setting. Without a “why” reason for training it can be quite easy to stray off track and miss out on success. Once you have that goal in mind, consistently remind yourself of it. You can do this by placing visual reminders in an area that you will see each day, or better yet, tell your mentor coach what your goal is, this will help them to motivate you more in training because they know why you are there with them. Without reminders set in place, the pace of everyday life can quickly shift your attention away from your goals.

2. Consistently prioritise your training time:

I recommend this for a number of reasons. For beginners, consistent training sessions in your first few weeks will cement good patterns and will then form good habits. At least 3 sessions per week will give you much better results than just one. Your body will also begin to adapt and get used to CrossFit much more readily if you follow this method.

Once you have set the days and times that you will be training make it a priority and book those classes then and there on Zen Planner, book them as far out as you are able to. You have now prioritised your training time, those sessions are YOUR time to train and work towards YOUR goal. Yes, life can sometimes try and get in the way, but don’t allow this to get in the way of your success. If you really must miss a session because your house burns down, then make sure that you take the next available time and make up for that missed class. 3 hours per week for your first few weeks, I guarantee this will become the best 3 hours of your week in no time.

3. Be consistent with your Nutrition:

Once you have attended our nutritional seminars you will have everything we can possibly give you to make solid, healthy changes to your diet and get the benefits that go with them. It is up to you to then consistently follow the guidelines set in place. Consistently hit the macro-nutrient and caloric targets set. Yes, it might be a culture shock at first. Yes, your coaches will make you accountable for your actions. Follow the plan the way we lay it out, and you will get the full benefits.

4. Be consistent with your Prehab and Rehab plan:

Consistency in recovery is vital to your training, avoiding wear and tear stress on the body and keeping injury free. Make it a habit before you train to carry out a simple “Prehab” routine, get warm and mobilise (Your coaches will give show you the methods we use for this) prior to class starting. Once your class is finished, spend at least five to ten minutes on your “Rehab” routine, focus your mobility and stretching on any area that you worked during the session, or any area that you know needs work. Do this EVERY time you train, make it just “What you do”. Remember, you have prioritised this training time, that includes ensuring your body is maintained before and after.

Follow these points consistently and I guarantee you the best possible start to your CrossFit journey, and the success you deserve.

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