CrossFit Furnace, Chris’s thoughts.

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Chris’s before and after photo at CrossFit Furnace.CrossFit Furnace, Chris’s thoughts. Taken from Chris’s post on the CrossFit Furnace facebook page.

“I’ve been training with the CrossFit Furnace team for the past few months and can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for the improvement in my health, fitness level, and life in general. Head coach Matt is fantastic and he has helped me to achieve things I didn’t believe were possible. He is professional and approachable and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training and nutrition. It’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited to work out and now I look forward to my time spent at the gym as the best part of my day. Thank you so much Matt and the Furnace family!”

Chris started training with us in April not being able to one full push up and had an asthma attack after running 100m. Now Chris is able to do pushups, pull ups and run the mile with a weight vest on in under 10 minutes! We couldn’t be prouder of all he has achieved and are incredibly grateful that he wanted us all to be part of his journey!

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