In our last post, CrossFit Gym Etiquette – Part One, we covered five of the most important CrossFit gym etiquette guidelines that will help make your time in the box a great experience. We covered the social aspects of the community and the benefits of making yourself more coach-able. Here are another six:

6. Be organised

If the WOD requires certain equipment, make it easier on yourself by making sure you have it ready before we start. If you aren’t sure what you need, then ask your coach. If you see others that seem confused with what they need, and you are already set up, then give them a hand. We all benefit from being organised and helping each other out, it’s the basis of a community.

7. Cheer on your fellow athletes

In CrossFit, the last person to finish the workout is as equally, if not more, important as the guy or girl finishing first. We support each other, this means if you finish the WOD and then start packing up while others are still training, this is really very poor form. Help cheer your friends on. Next week it could be you struggling to finish and needing some words of encouragement, we all remember the burdens of 14.5/16.5!

8. Tidy up after yourself and respect our equipment as if it is your own

Once the WOD is finished and you can finally breathe again, do the right thing and leave the box as clean and tidy as you found it. This means packing away your gear, putting weight plates back in their corresponding stacks, wiping your equipment down with disinfectant and cleaning any chalk off your pull-up bar. If you accidentally damage equipment let a coach know, don’t be the guy who tries to hide it. (Yes, I did find those speed ropes that were literally torn in half and hidden upstairs, thanks for that, whoever you are).The box is the home that we provide for our community. It is your home, treat it this way.

9. Be hygienic

This one really does seem like common sense, but it is really appreciated by everyone in your life. Shower. Wear clean clothes. Wear deodorant. Yes your knee sleeves and wrist wraps need to be washed. Yes, that smell is your gym bag and you aren’t the only person who has noticed it. Enough said.

CrossFit Box Etiquette Using the Whiteboard

You worked hard during that WOD, be proud of your time!

10. Write your WOD results on the Whiteboard

This is one CrossFit tradition that can intimidate people, but shouldn’t. Writing your WOD results on the board is a practice that should be as routine as putting on deodorant. No, we don’t use it as means to compare yourself with others. It’s a way that you can show the community that you stepped up to the plate and put in your best effort. Even if you use Beyond the Whiteboard, (You should be using Beyond the Whiteboard, if you aren’t ask your coach why) to keep track of your results, still put your results up on the Whiteboard.

CrossFit Box Rules and etiquette

Wombats: Selfish lovers.

11. Celebrate your victories with your mates before you leave

In a relationship situation, nobody likes a Wombat. The same sentiment can be applied to how you finish up your CrossFit class. You worked damn hard for that hour, and you achieved a lot! Take the time to celebrate that fact with those that shared the suffering with you. Chat, have a laugh and enjoy that WOD afterglow with your friends. This is also a perfect time to start your recuperation with some Mobility. We understand that sometimes you have to rush off, but it’s much more enjoyable rounding off the experience with some socialisation, sometimes we even provide beers. Good, full strength, full carb beers. There you have it, simple guidelines to live by as a CrossFitter, and make your daily box experience an amazing one. Nothing sums it all up better than what Pat Sherwood once said about CrossFit; “The goal is to get fit. Make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people and blow off some steam. So remember that. Relax, have fun, work out”.

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