It’s our birthday and we have CrossFit membership discounts to celebrate

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CrossFit Membership 50% discount to celebrate our first birthday.

CrossFit Furnace’s Birthday membership discount.

Its CrossFit Furnace’s First birthday this month! to celebrate we have CrossFit membership discounts at CFF! As coaches, we couldn’t be prouder of all of our athletes efforts throughout our first year of business. Everyone is on their own personal journeys and we are ecstatic that CrossFit Furnace gets to be part of that journey on an almost daily basis. This is why we are so excited to celebrate with the CrossFit membership birthday discounts. The discounts are on offer right up until the end o the month for all new CrossFit Furnace members.

If you have already done CrossFit before, the discount will be for your first monthly membership as there is no need for you to repeat On Ramp if you know what you are doing. That means you train for your first month for under $100!! If you have never done CrossFit before, thats ok too! The membership discounts apply to all of our On Ramp memberships and trial memberships too. You can complete your On Ramp & your two week trail membership (so almost a months worth of training with us – including One on One Coaching during On ramp to focus solely on your technique) for only $101!

Both our Unlimited memberships and our trial memberships give you access to every one of our classes, our open gym times, any workshops we run during the membership, nutrition advice and much more.

If you would like to try CrossFit, there honestly has never been a better time to start. Thinking about it won’t make you fitter or stronger, you only get that when you put your thoughts into actions! So give us a call, drop by and say hi or send us an email so we can have the opportunity to help you start on an awesome new adventure.

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