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Free Membership at CrossFit Furnace

Free On Ramp membership at CrossFit Furnace when you buy a 1 month unlimited membership


You get a Free On Ramp membership at CrossFit Furnace when you sign up for a 1 month membership during October! That’s a saving of $126.50!!

So you’ve been thinking about giving CrossFit a go for a while? Come down and see what separates a good CrossFit box and community from just working out in a regular gym. Even if you think “but my gym has a functional fitness area” or “we do a X-fit style of class at my gym sometimes” there is a huge difference between these classes or sessions and getting the full benefit of training at a dedicated CrossFit Box with the CrossFit community supporting you through your workouts! The community that you train with, the coaching you receive and results you get is what makes CrossFit one of the fastest growing sports in the world. There’s never been a better time to start your journey! Regardless of your current abilities, what your end goals are or if you are interested in training for fitness or a sport, CrossFit can help! Everything is scalable to suit your individual needs.

There is so much that a CrossFit Box can offer you that you don’t have to pay extra for , as you would in a regular globo gym. A GOOD CrossFit Box, like CrossFit Furnace, offers you close coaching for an unlimited amount of classes, with knowledgeable and fully qualified CrossFit Coaches, each with dedicated specialities including olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, CrossFit Football and sports specific training qualifications . At CrossFit Furnace, not only are our Coaches qualified with CrossFit HQ, with multiple speciality courses under their belts, they are all personal trainers and and have a qualified nutritionist on site EVERY evening.

To make it easier for you to decide to try CrossFit and become part of an amazing fitness community we are offering all new members a FREE On Ramp membership during October if you sign up for a 1 month unlimited membership. So what are you waiting for?? Contact us today!

All you need to do is call, drop by, email or SMS us if you would like to take the first step in your CrossFit journey and we will take care of the rest!

See you down at the box soon!

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