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  1. Our HIIT Classes are run by Dan Willis, an accredited Coach and Personal Trainer with years of experience in the fitness arena. Dan’s introductory offer for HIIT classes at Furnace is only $12.50 per class!
  2. You don’t need any prior training or experience to attend. Our HIIT classes cater for all fitness levels and you can jump straight in.
  3. The HIIT Classes at Furnace are only 45 minutes long, allowing people with busy lifestyles who may be time poor, to still get their training done.
  4. Our 1030hr HIIT Classes are child friendly.
  5. HIIT classes help you burn more calories than standard Cardio, meaning it will help you burn body fat, faster!

Start today! Purchase a membership online now, as only the first 30 people will receive their 10 class pass at this introductory rate!

Want more details on how our HIIT Classes work or when there will be even more classes and programs on the roster? Get in touch via our contact form below.

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