How to get motivated, and STAY motivated.

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Train with a Mate, How to get motivated.

How to get motivated – train with a mate!

How to Get Motivated, and STAY motivated.

So, the weather is starting to cool down, its noticeably darker when you arrive for your early morning WOD and the once a year atmosphere and excitement of the Open seems like a distant memory. Now you just don’t know how to get motivated again. If your motivation to train has been in steady decline, you are not unusual, and at this time of year, you are not alone! Here are five tried and true methods to get motivated, and like Austin Powers, get your mojo back, baby!

1. Setting Goals

You may have noticed that when you were training regularly, you noticeably looked forward to each session, and yet when you have a week where things get hectic at work and you miss a WOD or two, it seems harder to get back into it? You are not alone. This is very common and actually one behavioural trait that Globo Gyms rely on.

The best way to overcome this is to start with simple goals, and the most important at the moment would be getting yourself back into the box! If you haven’t trained for a week or two, just make a plan to get to a WOD this week, and make sure you stick with the plan. Book your place right now so you are more likely to stick with the goal of getting to a WOD this week. When you get through the warm up, you will realise how much you have actually missed training, and catching up with the community. Once that WOD is finished, but prior to walking out the door, book yourself into your next class in say, two days time. Keeping your goals reasonable and achievable is a great way to form your routine again. Once that is back in place, you can start setting more detailed and training specific goals again.

2. Where’s your training buddy?

Having a training partner to train with has many benefits. Lifting with someone else is a lot more fun than lifting alone, and don’t even get me started on how much more enjoyment will be had during a WOD when there is someone to share the suffering with! Training buddies will also keep each other in check, and make sticking to a routine easier.

If you’re new to the box and don’t know anyone yet, then just say Hi! Everyone at the box was once the new person too, and chances are they have already introduced themselves to you. More often than not the people at your class will attend that class regularly too.

CrossFit is a social sport, and quite frankly, the community and friendships that are formed around it is one of its biggest advantages!

3. Mix up your training

While you are in the process of building your routine back to its five sessions a week glory of summer, it is also a very good idea to stay physically active outside of CrossFit. Make use of your increasing energy levels and mix it up with some of your own training outdoors. Even getting into a routine of walking your dog on set days will benefit you, and your pooch will appreciate it too. Mix up the scenery where you train and take a moment to appreciate how good we have things in Perth. Never done Jacobs Ladder? Give it a try this week. As the weather cools down our national parks are a great place to do some bush walking as well, Walyungah National Park has some great scenery and is not far out of Perth. Bush walking/running also gives you the option to keep things interesting, during a run picture that you are a character in Wolf Creek and need to get those legs moving!

4. Review your progress and celebrate your victories

Tracking your workouts using an App like Beyond the Whiteboard has many benefits, the biggest being the ability to see how far you have come. When you are first getting back into your routine it is extremely important to not be too hard on yourself and celebrate each little win. Taking note of your WOD times or how much you have lifted for that Back Squat 5×5 will do this. Be realistic with these goals as well, set yourself goals that are achievable in the time period you set. It’s no good planning on doing unbroken Ring Muscle Ups by the end of next week if you cant yet do a Pull-up or a Ring Dip. Talk to your coaches about what they think is a reasonable goal, and what steps you should take to get there. The rest will be up to you though, you need to put in the work to make the progress!

5. Stop eating comfort food, and get your nutrition back in line

One thing that we know goes hand in hand with training success or failure is nutrition. Yes, cheat days are definitely part of living in the real world, but once the training frequency drops off the nutrition that you have worked so hard on maintaining will usually suffer as well.

Just like setting small, realistic attendance goals, the same method can be applied to nutrition. You will find that this helps twofold, you will actually begin to feel more energetic with a higher quality diet, which will then make you want to and also enable you train more often by way of adequate recovery.

Start by watching your macro-nutrients, and making certain that any carbohydrates consumed have been earned. Next, have a look at your protein levels, are they high enough to support recovery and muscle growth? This will make a massive difference in your training. You can even ask your training buddy to do the same, meal prep is a lot more fun when you have someone to prep with.

There you go, five simple steps to help you work out how to get motivated, and stay motivated.

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