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If It Doesn't Challenge You, It Doesn't Change You

There’s never been a better opportunity to get started than now. Our Real Results Challenge will help you transform yourself into a fitter, stronger, more confident version of yourself.

This challenge is for anyone who is new to the gym or any members that have had to take a break from training for more than three months and need some extra motivation to get back into it!

This challenge will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

To maintain the integrity of our program and our classes, we only offer limited places for new challenge members. This guarantees our coaches will have the required time to spend with each new challenge member and provide them with the best service possible. We want you to have time to get your weigh ins, meet regularly with your coaches and get the best from your training! 

Real Results Kick Start Membership


Unlimited Classes

With this challenge, you will have unlimited access to all classes on the roster. With early morning, mid morning and evening class options, there’s no excuse not to find time to train!  Our classes are all capped in size, so you get the attention you deserve from your Coach. You have shower and change room facilities so you can train directly before or after work, and we have child friendly class times available too.

Nutrition Guidance

Our on-site nutritionists will give you a nutrition seminar and regular check ups through the challenge. You will learn so much more than just “eat this, and this”. We want you to learn about the WHY behind asking you to eat certain foods, WHY we crave different foods, WHY we should be able to eat a little bit of everything, WHY we shouldn’t need to be “dieting” and what we can do when we are out and about and need to make healthy food choices from a cafe menu. It’s all about long term sustainability with healthy lifestyle choices that lead to a healthy body fat percentage. Learn the WHY behind what you eat, and it will set you up for life.

Body Composition Analysis & Progress Tracking

Our challenge is designed to be measurable. You’ll have free access to our Programming App that will help you track your workouts, know when you are getting stronger, know when you are getting faster and fitter. We want you to do more than just come in and sweat, we want you to make training goals, work towards them and know if you are on track to reach them. At Furnace we have segmental body composition scales that you will be able to track your progress regularly with through the 12 weeks. You will get a free body composition analysis app that the results will be sent directly to, so that you have all the information at your fingertips. This information will help keep you accountable and on track with your goals.

Qualified Mentor Coach

You’ll train under Head Coach Matt Whittemore and the Furnace Coaching team during your training. There will be a Coach on deck at every session, to walk you through, in person, every movement that you’ll be doing that day. They will teach you the correct ways to move, and be constantly assessing your training to make sure you get the best workout possible. There won’t be a time that you’re left to stare at a screen, trying to decipher the workout on your own or be left wondering if your coach actually cares about the results you get.

Community Support

Our community is our strongest asset in helping you succeed in this challenge! The Furnace family recognises that it’s totally ok to have different fitness levels, different goals, and different training priorities! Our community keeps you accountable, supports you while you’re learning and cheers for you when you master and perfect new skills. They are a team of athletes in constant pursuit of excellence in training, no matter your background or current fitness levels.


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What Our Happy
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