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What Our Happy Members Say

Very experienced and skilled trainers, beautiful community and great classes. They’ve also worked well with me off the back of returning to exercise after a period of prolonged illness and am grateful for the understanding they’ve shown my physical limitations.

Monique Summerton

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I was super sceptical about Crossfit for a number of years, my brother and sister had been trying to get me down for ages. I finally decided to commit to 12 weeks to get them off my back. But i’ve fallen in love with the training, and i’m hooked! I was pretty intimidated by the Olympic lifts but the coaches have been incredible breaking down the skills and always have regressions if you can’t yet complete a skill or movement and now I look forward to the Olympic lifts! The other really positive thing about the furnace is the atmosphere amongst the group is really positive and welcoming so makes you want to come back for more!

Allana Dickie

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Best and only place i have ever been to and actually been given the information and guidance needed to achieve the results i wanted, with continuous support and encouragement. Highly recommend coming down and joining the community 🙂

Emma Clausen

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I started at Crossfit Furnace and have really enjoyed the training environment. There’s nowhere else that will push you to your max and then some. Everyone is really friendly and encouraging – it can be quite intimidating being the newbie but after the first training session I felt like one of the team. I would definitely recommend Crossfit Furnace.

Kelly Lane

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The people here are like family, Matt and Rae are legends. The equipment is in top condition and hygiene is kept up to scratch . Really good environment to work out in, I was nervous to start but the other people and coaches made me feel really calm, encouraged and comfortable. I just wish I had started sooner.

Cass Marks

Facebook Review

As a gym, Furnace caters for all fitness levels – whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned athlete. As a CrossFit box, the gym is large enough so that you get that true CrossFit community experience yet small enough so that you aren’t lost or forgotten during a training session. The coaches are invested in your progress. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, compete or complement and develop your training alongside other sports – if you have a goal, they will help you reach it. From customised meal/nutrition plans to personal training, plus coaching during group classes – Matt and Rae will help you on your way to achieving your goals. On a personal level, being a part of this box has positively impacted many aspects of my life – physically, mentally and socially. I very much look forward to the year ahead!

Jayne Sleigh

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Matt and Rae are a pair of outstanding coaches, who have a strong focus on technique and safety, before loading up the weights on clients. They do Strength and Conditioning the smart way with a view to the long term well being of the client.

Murray Daniel

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