Wedding Weight Loss Challenge for Ladies

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Congratulations on getting Engaged! We hope that your engagement was everything you wished for and that you are now super excited to be planning your big day. With so many different things to consider from the guest list, who your bridesmaids will be, the flowers and the wedding dress, don’t forget that your fitness journey leading up to your big day can’t be a last minute effort! Its a process, just like finding that perfect dress. It takes time and shouldn’t be at the bottom of the to do list as you’d hate to run out of time.

This is where our Wedding Weight Loss Challenge for Ladies can be a huge help to busy brides to be! Our Wedding Weight Loss Challenge will help you look exquisite in your dress as you walk down the aisle on your big day and make you proud to hang your wedding photos up for everyone to admire.

When you are training with us, You can expect to :

  • Drop dress sizes,
  • Increase your confidence in your body,
  • Tone your muscles without “looking bulky”,
  • Become fitter and healthier (great for honeymoon adventures!),
  • Look fantastic in your wedding photos

Kalandre’s before and progress photos on our program.

Our program at Furnace WORKS. It is specifically designed to help you decrease your body fat and tone up, making you fitter, stronger and feel more confident in yourself. Our programs are individually tailored in classes where needed by our experienced Coaches to suit your current abilities. This means you can get started straight away, regardless of your current fitness levels.

For the next 10 Brides to be, if you contact us and sign up to our Wedding Weight Loss Challenge, we will not only offer you the following

  • 2 FREE Personal Training Sessions to help you get started with good technique
  • Your choice of a Male or Female Mentor Coach
  • Body composition and measurement checks every 4 weeks.
  • Access to our nutrition program run by our on site nutritionist.
  • Unlimited access to train in over 28 classes a week with a child friendly 0930hr class available. (shower and change room available for those wanting to train before work)
  • No 6 or 12 month lock in contracts

You will also get a FREE goal setting session with your mentor Coach where they will help you develop goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and have defined timelines. Having clear goals, that are worked out with your mentor Coach, will help you set yourself up for success right from the beginning.

This free Goal setting session is limited to the next 10 people to enrol, and yes, you are able to train with your bridesmaids and they can take advantage of this offer as well! Stay motivated to look your best with your squad behind you, supporting you all the way!

The cost for all the above is only $57.50 per week. Yes, you read that right! Thats less than $10 a class and full access to our nutrition program, your own mentor coach, Goal setting, weigh ins and more. We also offer all our Brides to be and Bridesmaids a student discount when you are studying full time.

To receive all the above and claim your free goal setting session, you need to be one of the first 10 Brides to be or bridesmaids to get in touch, so don’t delay!

Look your absolute best for the most important day of your life

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